Get Both Privacy and a Clean, Open Look From Your Windows

Do you have wide open windows that you hesitate to cover? Even if you want to maintain that clean, open look, there will be times when privacy is valuable. Use plantation shutters to get the best of both!



3 Ways Blinds Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Increasing the value of your home can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. While many adjustments may seem expensive and time consuming, there are some steps that you can take to easily increase your home’s worth. Blinds can be a simple addition to your home that can help value in 3 ways.

1. Customization 

When adding blinds to your home to increase home value, you need to make sure that you are focusing on customization. Cheap one-size-size-fits-all will not help your home sell. Instead you want to choose blinds that have been specifically designed to fit your home. Custom blinds will add a sleek sophisticated element of privacy and shade. Typically you will want to choose universal colors, mostly shades of white.

2. Enhance Other Features

While you want to mostly use basic whites, there are some cases where natural wood shades may be more appropriate. If your kitchen has newly installed or impressive natural wood cabinets and details, then wood shades can actually help highlight the craftsmanship of the home. You will want to choose a stain that complements the wood details. The sophisticated artistic quality of the shades along with wood detail will help improve your home value.

3.Energy Efficiency

High-quality blinds can also improve the energy efficiency of your home by keeping heat out in the summer. Summer air conditioning costs can rise very quickly, and blinds are able to keep the heat out while allowing some natural light in. This helps contribute to the energy efficiency of your home, which can increase overall value.

Whether you want to sell your home or simply increase its worth, blinds can be an important addition. For more information on blinds and custom interior shutters in Wilmington, visit this website.


The Shockingly Eye-catching Honeycomb Shades

Have you considered honeycomb shades for your home? Many people will completely overlook them or may not be aware they exist. The truth is honeycomb shades are very unique and provide many benefits that no other kind of shades do. Learn more about how honeycomb shades may be the perfect way to complete your look.

Incredible Insulation

Honeycomb shades are built with a cellular design. They have empty pockets of air that capture and stop cold or hot air. This can allow you to keep hot air out in the summer and warm air in during the winter. It will benefit your energy bill and allow you to better control the environment in your home.

Unique Design

Perhaps the most significant benefit honeycomb shades provide is their unique design. They are an eye-catching, modern addition to any decor that is sure to stand out. Many designs allow the shades to be lowered from the top in addition to being raised from the bottom. This is a feature unique to honeycomb shades and lets you get creative with letting light in and managing privacy. Plus, the cellular design means they compress very effectively. In fact, they are nearly invisible when all the way up.

Honeycomb shades could be the standout feature you have been looking to add to your living room. The unique aesthetic and impressive insulation certainly makes it an appealing option. Learn more about honeycomb shades in Cary and how you can have them installed in your home by visiting this website.


A Cool Home and Other Benefits of Roman Shades

One of the most unique options for your home’s windows is roman shades. These shades are made of fabric and have a draped aesthetic. They come in many styles, including teardrop, looped, and flat. They are also available with or without cords for even more options.If you want a unique, eye-catching design, consider having roman shades installed.

Keep Your Home Cool

The biggest benefit that roman shades provide is in environment management. The thick and heavy fabric nature makes an excellent insulator. When the hot season comes, you can keep your cold air in. Then, in the winter, you can keep the cold air outside to warm your home. This allows you to save money on your energy bill by avoiding inefficient heating or cooling methods.

Other Benefits

Additionally, roman shades provide many other benefits. These include:

  • Block light – The heavy fabric is one of the best ways to block light among shades. Of course, they can still be opened to let in plenty of light.
  • Versatility – Roman shades can be made from nearly any fabric, so you can always match your decor.
  • Easy to maintain– Traditional blinds are one of the most difficult decor items to clean. Roman shades do not have that problem.
  • Traditional aesthetic – Like the name suggests, roman shades are great for a traditional style. Flat panel shades can also provide a very modern look.

If you want are interested in learning more about roman shades in Holly Springs, visit this website.

roman shades

From Drab to Fab: Redesigning Your Commercial Bathroom

Commercial bathrooms are generally given the reputation of being dirty, ugly, and a place to be avoided if possible. If the restroom at your business fits this description, then it is probably time to do some updating. There are various changes you can make so that customers and fellow employees are no longer put off by your bathroom’s ambience.

First, do some research by looking up pictures of modern commercial bathroom designs. Save any ideas that you would like to use so you can show people exactly what you want. Figure out what needs to be replaced, such as toilets, sinks, or stall doors. Your bathroom may only need a few small updates, or you may need to remodel the entire thing. Depending on your budget and preferences, have a general idea of all the changes you are going to make before you begin the process.

One of the biggest trends for commercial restrooms is to make everything automatic. This allows people to use the bathroom without having to touch anything. This usually includes automatic flush valves, sinks, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers. Some businesses even have doors that can be opened with the sole of your shoe. Not only do these trends make the experience easier for users, but they also help improve sanitationboth inside and outside the restroom. In addition, they will give your bathroom a more modern look and feel.

Another way to spruce up your restroom is to come up with a color scheme. This could either match the color scheme in the rest of your business area or it could be completely different. Adding bright hues will make your bathroom pop and seem less drab for users. These could be incorporated in various ways, such as wall paint, pictures, stalls, or frames around the mirrors. You may also want to come up with a specific theme that matches the feel of your business, such as rustic or modern.

One of the most important steps of this project is to be creative and think outside the box to come up with something unique and exciting. Remember, the goal is to make your bathroom feel less like the typical commercial restroom. This means that you should stay away from overused ideas and instead do something that has never been done before. You could even approach it by acting as if you are designing a house bathroom instead to give it more of that homey feel. If you need more ideas for improving the look of your restroom, then visit this website of a custom fabrication company in San Diego.