3 Kitchen Trends to Watch

If you are thinking about giving your home a much-needed upgrade, replacing your kitchen cabinets in La Mesa is a great and easy way to transform your look and add functionality. Taking a look at some up-and-coming 2016 kitchen cabinet trends can provide inspiration and ideas as you start your own renovation.

1. Softer Colors

Soft colors are now replacing the stark white look of previous years. Neutral pastels are becoming an especially popular choice, with pale blues, greens or grays that offer a hint of color without overwhelming the eye. Accent colors will also be on the subdued side this year, featuring muted shades and darker pastels.

2. Brass Hardware

For cabinet hardware, brass accessories are making a comeback. This time around, satin finishes are the way to go with brass, rather than the high shine of the ‘80s. Choosing satin brass knobs, handles and hinges will add a touch of understated elegance that fits in well with the soft color palette that is now trending.

3. Custom Lighting

Cabinet lighting is another kitchen trend that is taking off. Available in many types and configurations, proper lighting makes your kitchen work easier and adds flexibility for setting the mood you want. Choose from light tape strips and recessed fixtures that can be installed above, below or inside your cabinets.

Updating your cabinets can help your kitchen look fresh and modern. Today’s trends also have the benefit of adding function and optimizing kitchen work spaces. Visit this website to find out more about contemporary options for kitchen cabinets in La Mesa.



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