Use Custom Shutters for Your Unique Home

No matter what type of shutter you can dream up, there is probably a way to get it made. Your shutters should reflect the uniqueness of your home, whether your style is French country, mid-century modern, coastal or Bohemian. Shutters are highly functional and extremely durable. They will add value to your home, as well as provide excellent control over how much light you desire to come in through the windows at any given time. You can also get shutters that are completely ornamental, such as Tuscan-style exterior shutters that open and close from the outside.

Homes have many different types of windows, with rectangular shaped windows being the most common. However, shutters can be made for just about any window type, including door-height, sliding doors, and windows with arches. Alternately, you may want shutters that don’t cover your entire windows but instead sit snugly from the middle of the window to the bottom. You can even get shutters made for windows with geometric shapes. It can be hard to find window treatments that work for unusual shapes when you limit yourself to blinds, curtains or shades, but shutters are highly custom made in general, so manufacturers are used to needing to tailor their execution to exact specifications. When you add shutters to your unique home, they will add to the existing design by pulling your theme together even more solidly.

Custom shutters can also have specific design features to the shutters themselves. For example, you can choose between specific colors to get just the right look. You can also mix and match wood styles, such as one type of wood on shutter for the left side of the window, and another type on the right. You can also get specific detailing on the solid portions of the shutters such as cutouts or iron shapes. For example, if your house has a nautical theme, you can get custom made shutters with small anchor cutouts or seahorse cutouts at the top. If your home has a rustic feel, you can have attached iron pieces that accentuate the style. You can also get custom made hinges and locks for the shutters. The hinges can either blend into the wood or stand out to make statement pieces. Locks can be purely ornamental or used for added security.

Custom shutters add to your home’s value and appearance, and shutters that are made well will withstand the test of time. Add to the look of your home with a window treatment that will never go out of style. To learn about custom interior shutters in Wilmington, please visit this website.


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