The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a perennial evergreen from Asia that grows faster than most any plant worldwide; it only needs five years to reach maturity. Despite being a grass plant, it produces a wood that is very similar in characteristics to hardwood, and therefore makes a great flooring material. It can be refinished if it loses its look over time and becomes faded or scratched, by sanding and refinishing.

Using bamboo is good for the environment, since it is an easily renewable resource; the shoots and leaves can be recycled as animal fodder. It is easy to grow and when harvested the root is not removed so it does not need to be replanted.  It is also very easy to clean, only needing a sweep or a vacuum job; it doesn’t need stripping or waxing. Bamboo is less likely to develop water stains or damage than wood floors, and costs about the same.

There are different types of bamboo that have different qualities, so you will want to determine which product is right for your home; un-carbonized bamboo is hardy and as strong as oak, other types are soft like walnut. All types of bamboo flooring have a remarkable durability once cured. Surprisingly strong for a lightweight composition, bamboo is difficult to break and and its weight-to –strength ratio means it can withstand high traffic areas of your home. Bamboo has a great versatility of style as it can be stained to any color to match any home furnishings; it has a variety of grains, and finishes from matte to high gloss that can match any type of interior.

The installation process can be a do-it-yourself project without much fuss if you choose to lay the flooring in interlocking planks without adhesive, a style known as floating; but if you do have the flooring laid over a subfloor, you have more options here than for a tile or other type of flooring. Plywood can be used, and bamboo handles changes in temperature better than other floorings as well, so it can be installed in a variety of different climates without problems. Bamboo can be cut with hand saws and finished with miter saw; no need for the heavy tools involved in cutting hardwood.

As one of the most popular flooring materials available today, bamboo offers strength and beauty in a variety of tones and grains. If you are considering bamboo flooring, this website can provide more details on bamboo flooring in Waco.


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