5 Popular Types of Wood Floors

Wood is enjoying resurgence in popularity as a flooring material. Talk to your contractor to find out what styles appeal to you and are the best for your project. Some of the trending types of flooring are listed here.

  1. Solid

This is a thick, solid platform of wood. This type of floor can be refinished many times over years of use. The most popular styles for solid flooring are these:

  • Wood previously used helps save the environment and is cheaper to buy.
  • This accounts for half of all hardwood floor orders these days. Oak is lighter in color which gives a more modern look.
  1. Engineered

This flooring uses many different layers of wood that can be from different kinds of trees, with the highest quality on top where it can be seen. This has become a popular type in recent years because it can be used in homes where a solid wood floor would not be the best choice such in coastal high humidity areas where a solid floor would likely warp. Since it is more economical than solid flooring, engineered styles have a variety of options.

  • Wide Boards. Wider boards expand the look of a room and make it appear larger.
  • Exotic Woods. Durable and have a variety of colors and interesting grain patterns.
  • Grows fast so is sustainable and less expensive, it is nearly as durable as hardwood and has a similar look.

If you are thinking about improving the look of your home with wood flooring, check out this website for more ideas from flooring contractors in Waco.



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