The Shockingly Eye-catching Honeycomb Shades

Have you considered honeycomb shades for your home? Many people will completely overlook them or may not be aware they exist. The truth is honeycomb shades are very unique and provide many benefits that no other kind of shades do. Learn more about how honeycomb shades may be the perfect way to complete your look.

Incredible Insulation

Honeycomb shades are built with a cellular design. They have empty pockets of air that capture and stop cold or hot air. This can allow you to keep hot air out in the summer and warm air in during the winter. It will benefit your energy bill and allow you to better control the environment in your home.

Unique Design

Perhaps the most significant benefit honeycomb shades provide is their unique design. They are an eye-catching, modern addition to any decor that is sure to stand out. Many designs allow the shades to be lowered from the top in addition to being raised from the bottom. This is a feature unique to honeycomb shades and lets you get creative with letting light in and managing privacy. Plus, the cellular design means they compress very effectively. In fact, they are nearly invisible when all the way up.

Honeycomb shades could be the standout feature you have been looking to add to your living room. The unique aesthetic and impressive insulation certainly makes it an appealing option. Learn more about honeycomb shades in Cary and how you can have them installed in your home by visiting this website.



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