The Best Window Coverings to Keep Out Heat

When the summer heat starts to soar, so does your electricity bill. As you crank up the air conditioning, the cost of maintaining your home can begin to skyrocket. However, by using the right window coverings, you can keep the heat from your home naturally and greatly reduce cooling costs.


Blinds can be an excellent source for reducing heat in the home, and they can provide a great amount of flexibility. While they are not great at keeping heat in during the winter, they are excellent at keeping heat out during the summer. The slats in blinds allow you to shade your home from heat while also allowing some natural light to enter. Choosing a reflective white material will create an even greater cooling effect. By keeping these blinds completely closed, you can greatly reduce heat production.


Like blinds, interior shutters can help reduce heat through their slats. They allow a nice balance of shade and natural light. Unlike blinds, shutters come in a wider variety of color and design options and can be easily customized to fit your décor. Exterior shutters can provide even greater benefits than interior options. When lowered, exterior shutters prevent heat from ever entering your windows, greatly reducing warmth. Most exterior shades come with levers, cranks or other mechanisms, which allow them to be adjusted from inside.

The proper window treatment can help you reduce the heat in your home without the high cost of air conditioning. For more information on window treatment in Southport, visit this website.



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