Awesome Ideas for Custom Reception Desks

A reception desk is one of the first focal points clients notice when entering a business. This means that your receptionist’s desk should reflect the purpose of your services. Here are some amazing ideas to create custom desks for any business.

1. Choose Your Era

Designing your reception desk around a certain era can be a unique way to fashion your office. If you run a hair salon that focuses on creating vintage cuts and styles, your desk should echo that. You could model it after vanities from the 1930’s or use aged materials to create an antique look. If you are a modern business pushing the envelope in technology or communication, your desk could be designed using futuristic details, glass materials or neon lights.

2. Utilize Areas for Storage

Your reception desk can also act as a retail and storage unit. If you run a fitness center, your desk can display new energy bars or smoothie powders. Desks can also include storage for:

  • Client files
  • Back up supplies
  • Book and magazines

3. Colors and Shapes

Two additional features to keep in mind when designing your custom desk are colors and shapes. A curved and brightly painted desk welcomes customers to an energetic and welcoming office. Darker tones with classically straight edged desks create relaxed settings perfect for spas or counseling offices.

Whatever your business may be, please visit this website to learn more about custom reception desk in La Mesa and your options for creating one of a kind pieces.

custom reception desk


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