5 Styles of Accordion Doors You’ll Want to Add to Your Space

Looking to spruce up your home or workspace? Consider installing an accordion door. These structures have vertical pleats and rollers that allow them to collapse when opened, just like the instrument. Accordions offer many benefits, such as being inexpensive, versatile, and space savers. These doors allow for both privacy and openness and can improve the look and feel of the room. There are various different styles to choose from, but here are a few that you should consider adding to your space.

1. Wooden

Wooden accordion doors are usually the most durable and soundproof because of how thick the material is. They are also very beautiful as they can be finished in any tone or even painted a solid color.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl doors are a great option because not only are they durable and energy efficient, but they can also put up with many different types of weather conditions. In addition, vinyl that is colored will last for many years without fading or peeling.

3. Aluminum

Accordions made from aluminum are the lightest type, but are also strong and inexpensive. They can be used in almost any climate while resisting corrosion.

4. Fiberglass

This type of door is known for being strong and consistent, no matter the temperature or climate. They resist corrosion and will often have finishes that are faux wood grain.

5. Clad

Clad accordions are made from two different materials, allowing you to benefit from both. If you purchase a wood clad door, it will have a wooden core and aluminum jacket, giving the structure strength while remaining low maintenance.

If you need a door that is affordable, attractive, and saves space, then an accordion style is the way to go. For more information on accordion doors in El Cajon, visit this website.

Accordion Doors


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