Five Reasons Why You’ll Flip for Bamboo Flooring

More and more people are choosing bamboo flooring for their homes or businesses. Remodelers who haven’t seen the options that are out there yet should definitely take a look. There are several reasons why bamboo makes good sense but here are five great ones.

 1.    Durability

 Bamboo is a denser material than most of the woods that are typically used for flooring. This makes it more resistant to damage and longer lasting.

 2.    Lots of Possibilities

This one material can be made differently to accommodate your decor and preferences:

  • Leave it unstained for a more natural look
  • Stain it in any color
  • Choose one that resembles hardwood
  • Opt for one where the bamboo is turned on its side to give a different texture

 3.    Easy installation

Some bamboo floors are made to be interlocking so there’s no need for messy and toxic glues or nails. This makes for an easy DIY project.

 4.    Economical

It’s typically less expensive than the hardwood flooring. As with anything, however, better quality will mean higher prices.

5.    Sustainability

As a grass, bamboo grows much faster and is more easily replaced than trees. Maturation takes about five years, compared to around fifty for hardwood trees.

Not all bamboo floors are created equal, particularly in terms of the environmental impact. To find out more about hardwood flooring in Waco, please visit this website.

Hardwood Flooring


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